The Broken Throne is Live!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the publication of The Broken Throne, Book 16 of the Schooled In Magic series. This was the book Christopher G. Nuttall was working on when he was struck ill and ended up in the hospital, so it is a particularly delightful pleasure to see it finished and released. (Plus, I finished the previous book last night, so perfect timing! )

The Kingdom of Zangaria has fallen into civil war. On one side, King Randor and his forces, determined to impose his rule over the entire kingdom; on another, the noblemen who want to crush the king; on a third, Princess Alassa and the Levellers.

Caught in the middle, Emily must steer a course between her loyalty to her friend, her duty to people who put their faith in her and her fears for the future.

But King Randor has unleashed forces even he may be unable to control…

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