Announcing Fantastic Schools 1 & 2!

Coming this spring: Fantastic Schools 1 

Longing for more stories of life at magic school? Look no further! Here you will find stories of magic boarding school, but also stories of magic military school, stories of magical outcasts, of magical secondary schools, of magical preschools, etc.

Some stories take place at pre-existing schools of magic, such as Whitehall, Roanoke Academy, Black Magic Academy, Hundred Halls, and more. Others take place at new exciting locations that may just become your favorite magical school.

Join us for tales of enchantment and wonder!

Authors for Volume 1 & 2 include (Click on the author’s name to see their work.c

Christine Amsden

Tom Anders0n

Audrey Andrews

David Breitenbeck

Misha Burnett — Baen Fantasy Award Finalist

Thomas K. Carpenter

Bernadette Durbin

Erin N. H. Furby

G. Scott Huggins

Steven G. Johnson — his book Operation Vampire will be released in mid-April.

Becky R. Jones

L. Jagi Lamplighter

Patrick Lauser — his book is FREE right now.

Frank Luke

Mel Lee Newmin

Morgon Newquist

Christopher G. Nuttall

James Odell

George Phillies

Paul A. Piatt

J. F. Posthumus

James Pyles — see another short story of his here.

Denton Salle

Emily Martha Sorensen

R. D. Strahan

Aaron Van Treeck

Ben Wheeler


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