At Long Last…Guardians of the Twilight Lands

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The Unexpected Year of Rachel Griffin

Back in the long-ago dream time of 2011, when I first started writing this series, I decided to stick with the far future dates that the moderator of the roleplaying game this series is based on had chosen for his game.

Because of this, The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin opens early in the morning on September 4th, 2023.

That’s right: 2023

It was so far in the future when I started. I can hardly believe it has actually arrived.

So this fall, we have the unexpected pleasure of living through the exact same time as the events in the books. I will do my best to post short memorials of these important occasions—without too many spoilers!

Also, God willing, the Sixth Book of Unexpected Enlightenment, Guardians of the Twilight Lands, should become available sometimes during the early part of September.

That’s right, folks, Book Six is almost here!

Here are a few upcoming dates we can look forward to:

September 4th — Rachel wakes up in the middle of the night to hear a Raven talking to a Lion.

September 8th — the big battle at the end of Book One.

Also September 8th — Book Two begins.

September 10th — Rachel meets the Elf and the Raven

September 29th — Fighting Veltdammerung at Beaumont in Transylvania—at the end of Book Two

September 30th — Book Three begins. Rachel and her friends arrive back at Beaumont…in an unexpected fashion.

October 31st — Rachel crashes the Dead Men’s Ball and forgets about the midnight deadline.

November 13th — Kidnapped and carried to Tunisia — End of Book Three

November 15th — a visit to Ouroboros Industries along with Gaius and William at the beginning of Book Four.

December 14th — Home for Yule Break

December 17th — Rachel ducks out on Saturnalia

December 21 — Yule


January 8th — back to school

January 17th — the disastrous visit to her father’s office.

February 6th — the skating party on the ice, and all that ensues there, at the end of Book Four.

February 9th — Book Five: Sent out in the middle of the night to help Sigfried. Wishes on a star.

February 10th — Goes home to visit her father…with Vladimir, who is unexpectedly questioned by her parents.

February 24th — Year of the Dragon Masquerade Ball! (End of Book Five)

February 25th — Rachel is nearly stabbed for being a vampire and fights barghest

February 29th — Leap Day

March 6th — A heist!

March 7th — Gaius’s birthday

March 15th — Spring Equinox Break

March 30th — The Lady Rachel Jade Griffin turns 14!

March 31st — something marvelous

April 1st — Sigfried’s birthday and a trip to Glastonbury

April 30th — Walpurgisnacht, a most unusual game of hurling and so much more

June 7th — last day of Rachel’s Freshman year, end of Book Six.

September 1st — Opening day of Sophomore year. Opening of the Seventh Book of Unexpected Enlightenment, The Young Angels’ Society.

So much to come!

And now, in

honor of Rachel’s first day, here, three and a half years after Book Five, is the book containing the final adventures of Rachel Griffin’s freshman year:

An old enemy returns!

With the Heer of Dunderberg dead, Rachel Griffin is determined to save her beloved Roanoke Academy before time runs out, but to do this, a new covenant must be forged with the island’s fairies. On top of this, an old enemy has escaped and might reappear any moment

Rachel has learned not to wish on stars, but what should she do when she yearns for help? She is troubled by other questions, too: Where do the dead go? What became of her beloved late grandfather? Most annoying of all, with such a wonderful boyfriend, how can she be in love with two boys?

As her fourteenth birthday approaches, the answer to these questions awaits her, along with wonders such as she has never seen.

But there are terrible things ahead, too.

Read Guardians of the Twilight Lands today.


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