Planetary Fiction

March 6, 2017 David Hallquist 12

What is Planetary Fiction? Planetary Fiction is an anthology on or about the the planets, and the themes associated with them. Thus: Mercury: journeys and messengers Venus: love and romance Mars: conflict and war Jupiter: […]

Superversive Literary Movement

John C. Wright on the Last 4 Things in SF

January 2, 2015 sciphi 0

John C. Wright has a fascintaing essay up, called The Last Four Things In Science Fiction. I think I read something similar to it in Transhuman and Subhuman that he published and it is well […]


Six word SF

December 29, 2014 sciphi 1

An interesting idea from the folks at Tor, write a story SF/Fantasy/Anything in 6 words. An interesting idea, I quite liked their two suggestions. Conclusion: Humans come pre-farmed. Begin harvest. and Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo […]