Amazon Stumbles Over Parody Book

September 4, 2015 Brian Niemeier 0

Regular visitors to this blog will have noticed my generally favorable disposition toward Amazon. I consider it a public service to refute the deceptive zombie memes spread by Amazon’s less scrupulous detractors. These actions are […]


David Freer on Politics in SF

January 24, 2015 sciphi 0

David Freer over at Mad Genius Club has an interesting essay up called The Winter of our discontent that is worth a read. He delves into the strange political realities found in publishing today and […]


Peak Leftism

January 10, 2015 sciphi 1

The Federatlist has an interesting article up called Have We Already Reached Peak Leftism? by Robert Tracinski that asks a pretty important question. In the realm of Sci Fi we have the Pink Shirts and […]


Microagression from Michael Flynn

December 11, 2014 sciphi 0

Michael Flynn offers us some insights into the nature of Microagression, that latest of zany buzz words going around to describe acts leftists disapprove of that are so slight that you would be hard pressed […]


Sarah speaks truth to power

December 1, 2014 sciphi 1

Sarah A. Hoyt has some interesting things to say about the lefts idea of speaking truth to power. She observes the absolute absurdity of those with the political power, those in the elites or with […]