Book Bomb Double Decker!

December 5, 2018 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

Larry Correia is book bombing two novels! Brad Torgersen’s newest: THE WAYPOINT TO ULTIMATE POWER! Over a millennium in the past, humans fleeing Earth in slower-than-light vessels discovered the Waywork, an abandoned alien superhighway system […]


Brad Torgersen talks about fear in SF

April 2, 2015 sciphi 0

As the Hugo nomination announcement draws close Brad Torgersen has another post up detailing the concern and fear that so many in the SF field feel when they dare to express ungood opinions. Sarah Hoyt […]


Will Sad Puppies #3 destroy SF?

January 17, 2015 sciphi 0

Brad R. Torgersen explores this question in a recent blog post called, unsurprisingly, Why SAD PUPPIES 3 is going to destroy Science Fiction!. Have you read Brad’s new book, [easyazon_link asin=”1476736855″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”superversivesf-20″ […]


Brad Torgersen on Free Speech

January 15, 2015 sciphi 0

Brad Torgersen has an interesting essay up on Speech and Punishment. He covers the value of free speech, why it isn’t free and why, if you take it seriously, then you need to be willing […]


Sad Puppies 3!

January 14, 2015 sciphi 0

Brad Torgersen has kicked off Sad Puppies 3, the what now appears to be annual, attempt to stir those decidedly unsuperversive members of he science fiction community by getting books they would never approve of […]