Superversive Verse

A Call Upon the Spirit

December 31, 2018 Ben Zwycky 0

As the new year approaches, I am posting my entry to this year’s contest of the Society of Classical Poets, on their chosen themes of an open letter to the Library of Congress to restore […]

Superversive Verse

When truth is viewed as treachery

March 27, 2017 Ben Zwycky 2

When truth is viewed as treachery, Integrity as vice, And beauty as debauchery, That’s when a nation dies. When mercy is a hateful thing, And power is all they crave, The paradise they hope to […]

Superversive Verse

Beauty’s Message

January 18, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

To what does purest beauty bear witness in its prime? What message does it send to us that transcends space and time? That we are not the pinnacle of all there is to be; There […]

Superversive Verse


January 7, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

  Forested deep purity Dusted with a winter’s glow; Crystalline perpetuity Takes its place in nature’s show. Fresh sunlight plays with diamonds soft That glisten as they sing In silent awe that drifts aloft A […]