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Upcoming Release!

April 23, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I just wrapped up a two-day run at the 25th Annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival here in Southern California. I’ll have a more detailed after-action report on the people I met and some interesting shenanigans […]

Richard Paolinelli

About ConCarolina’s Ringo Debacle…

April 17, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

Conservative creators are being banned from Cons. Conservative creators are being threatened at Cons or if they even attempt to attend a Con. Conservative creators are being attacked and bullied on social media. Conservative creators […]

Richard Paolinelli

A Tough Job

April 15, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

As I have mentioned before, I am co-editing the Pluto edition of Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthology series. I just sent out an e-mail saying “how sorry I was that your submission did not make the […]

Richard Paolinelli

One More Award?

April 14, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

Ok, Escaping Infinity is in the running for one more award. This one combines fan votes with other factors to determine which books will win. The book is in the 11th Category. Please visit the […]

Richard Paolinelli

Putting On My Editor’s Hat Again

April 3, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

There’s a new website that launched on April 2, 2018. You can find it here: and it covers the wonderful genre of Urban Fantasy. I recently told you about Secret Stairs: Tribute To Urban Legend, an anthology […]

Richard Paolinelli

A Return Visit

April 2, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

Back in June of 2016 I appeared on Author Interviews. The site’s host Fiona McKie graciously invited me back today for an update. Here are the two links: April 2, 2018   June14, 2016 So […]

Richard Paolinelli

Audiobook News!

March 27, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

So this just happened… What this means for you is that sometime around April 9th the first book of the Jack Del Rio series will be available as an audiobook. Theo Holland does a great […]

Richard Paolinelli

Advice To New Writers

March 22, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I’ve been making a lot of appearances on radio and YouTube shows, and answering questions for online interviews, and almost all of them have one question in common: What advice do I have for new […]