Jon Del Arroz

What I Wanted From Space Opera

March 5, 2018 jdelarroz 0

  We’re about 15 days out of The Stars Entwined‘s release, and I want to shift gears to talk about space opera. 1999 saw the end of an era on TV with both Babylon 5 […]


The Real Horseshoe

March 5, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

A new trend that’s been showing up in my YouTube subs is former Leftists or Left-Libertarians who rose to prominence in the anti-SJW campaigns rebranding as champions of Classical Liberalism. If you’re a fan of […]

Fantastic Schools

Three Heroines of Magic

March 5, 2018 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

Curvy but otherwise just a fighter Years ago, when the term “strong female character” first appeared, we all knew what it meant—that the female characters had a real place in the story, that they weren’t […]

Richard Paolinelli

Look Out Atlanta!!!

March 4, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I just got a great e-mail this morning from the folks at DragonCon. I will be attending DragonCon 2018 as an “Attending Pro”!!!!   This will be my first visit to this Con and I […]


Return of 3 for 3 Review Day

March 3, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

It’s 3/3 again–the first anniversary of author Jon Mollison’s 3 for 3 Amazon review day! How do you participate in 3 for 3 Day? It’s simple. Pick 3 books you’ve read but haven’t reviewed yet. […]