Jon Del Arroz

MONDAY: An Interview With Vox Day LIVE!

September 21, 2018 jdelarroz 0

This is very exciting. On Monday, Vox Day will be coming on The Lunch Stream to talk about all of the exciting things he’s doing with Arkhaven Comics, including the launch of the new flagship […]


Combat Frame Data: CF-02

September 20, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

CF-02 Grenzmark I Technical Data Model number: CF-02Code name: Grenzmark INickname: Thimble HeadClassification: mass production general use combat frameManufacturer: Seed CorporationOperator: Systems Overterrestrial CoalitionFirst deployment: CY -6Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chestHeight: 17.5 metersWeight: dry […]


It Doesn’t Diverge

September 19, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

Readers have asked where the Combat Frame XSeed timeline diverges from ours. I always respond that it doesn’t. The series’ backstory starts at Current Year and envisions how the various crises now besetting the world might […]


XSeed Audio Sample Chapter

September 18, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

Big news, audiophiles! JimFear138 of Dimension Bucket Studios was kind enough to produce a professional quality sample of the planned Combat Frame XSeed audiobook. You can check out his rendition of the first chapter right here. […]

Jon Del Arroz

The Ember War Is Live On IndieGoGo!

September 18, 2018 jdelarroz 0

This moment has been a long time in the making. I’ve been working on this book on the scripting and project management end for most of this year. We wanted to get to the point […]


What’s in front of You

September 17, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

I found the image above making the rounds and thought it would serve as a fun bit of nostalgia fodder. Judging by the pop culture references scattered throughout, the scene depicted above takes place in […]