Richard Paolinelli

Advice To New Writers

March 22, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I’ve been making a lot of appearances on radio and YouTube shows, and answering questions for online interviews, and almost all of them have one question in common: What advice do I have for new […]


Heckling vs Criticism

March 20, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

Jimfear138 shares his thoughts concerning a recent dustup within the Pulp Revolution. [Caution: NSFW language.] So what I’m talking about is this whole Groffin shit. For the uninitiated, and I only know the story so […]

Jon Del Arroz

Combating Online Bullying

March 19, 2018 jdelarroz 0

Over the weekend I’ve been raising awareness about online bullying, after an incident within the writing community where an artist attempted suicide over the immense pressure and bullying brought on over a writing group. I’ve […]