Book Review: Dangerous by Milo

August 22, 2017 Marina 1

Cross Posted form Marina’s Musings I bought this book on principle because I wanted to support Milo, especially after Simon and Schuster pulled it from Amazon after the latest manufactured outrage proved too much for […]

Astounding Frontiers

Signal Boost: July CLFA Booknado is Here!

July 21, 2017 Marina 0

This month’s New Releases include  Astounding Frontiers #1, Doctor to Dragons by G. Scott Huggins (both from Superversive Press), Love’s Highway by Forbidden Thoughts contributor Jane Lebak, a new and improved edition of Declan Finn’s […]


The Product is on Sale for 99 cents

April 23, 2017 Marina 0

Before Superversive Press took aim at the very foundations of the Social Justice movement with the Forbidden Thoughts anthology, they took a chance at publishing my dystopian novella The Product. There has been some question […]

Superversive Literary Movement

The Fate of the Furious: A Superversive Review

April 23, 2017 Marina 1

On one level, The Fate of the Furious is the easiest movie to review: 1. Great fun. and 2. Leave your brain (especially the part that understands physics) at home And now, folks, your seatbelts (HA!) […]