Planetary Fiction

March 6, 2017 David Hallquist 12

What is Planetary Fiction? Planetary Fiction is an anthology on or about the the planets, and the themes associated with them. Thus: Mercury: journeys and messengers Venus: love and romance Mars: conflict and war Jupiter: […]


Review: Writing Down the Dragon

May 30, 2016 David Hallquist 0

Tom Simon’s “Writing Down the Dragon” is an excellent resource of essays, musings and research on Tolkien.   This body of essays covers a wide variety of elements that go into Lord of the Rings […]


A Book of Gold

February 5, 2016 David Hallquist 0

“Golden Age” by John C. Wright is a true book of gold. There is discontent in Paradise. When all physical needs are taken care of, when there is no poverty, no crime, no want, and […]



January 28, 2016 David Hallquist 0

Nethereal mixes science-fiction, fantasy and horror in unexpected ways. Space running ether ships battle with magically worked devices, the mystical Guild controls the space lanes with otherworldly wheels and compasses, and necromancers meddle in the […]


The Music of the Spheres

November 20, 2015 David Hallquist 0

The Music of the Spheres by David Hallquist What is SpaceEngine? It’s not a game: you don’t fight alien armadas or rescue a space princess from the vilest gangster in the galaxy. Its not a […]


Is Utopia Impossible?

September 13, 2015 David Hallquist 1

Is Utopia Impossible? By David Hallquist The idea of ″post-scarcity″ postulates the idea that when technology advances to the point that everyone has their basic needs fulfilled, want, and need will disappear, and conflict over […]


By Your Command

September 7, 2015 David Hallquist 1

By Your Command by David Hallquist There is no shortage of concern for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days. In addition to the sci-fi Cylons and Terminator we have popular luminaries such as […]


Beyond the Rocket

June 18, 2015 David Hallquist 1

Beyond the Rocket by David Hallquist Liquid fuel and solid rocket engines have gotten up to orbit and the Moon, and has sent probes in slingshot paths throughout the Solar System. The technology is well […]


The Mind Job: dystopian sci-fi

June 6, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Since the theme of the week is “Dystopia”, I present a link to my short story: “The Mind Job” in The basic premise involves the continuation of the surveillance state, and it’s implications for […]