The Alabama Gambit

July 18, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Taking the temperature of the room, most people seem burned out with politics these days. It’s probably because if the Trump presidency has accomplished one thing, it’s to convince most people that there is no […]


Selling an Image

July 17, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

I’ve been asked to compile this Twitter thread, which turned quite a few heads. The topic is newpub marketing, which tends to be popular with my blog readers, so I’ve reproduced it here. Most folks […]


Church and State

July 16, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Over the weekend, Team Fedora Tipper got a couple of anti-Christian hashtags trending on Twitter. That’s nothing new, since these people define their identity by their hatred of Christians. What is interesting about Christian-bashing on […]


Star Wars Is now Disney Fanfic

July 15, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

YoutTuber David Stewart explains why there is no longer any reason to pay the least bit of attention to the Disney fan fiction masquerading as Star Wars Disney Star Wars – it’s not canon guys. […]


Humiliation Rituals

July 12, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

People have slowly started to notice a new fad gaining traction among our ruling class. Check your social media feeds or the entertainment news, and odds are you’ll see a piece extolling the virtues of […]


Hecklers vs Critics

July 11, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for writing advice lately. Knowing how to recognize and take constructive criticism is among the most important skills a writer can master, so I’ve dug this post out […]


Policy Rationale

July 10, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Online dissident circles were abuzz yesterday with word that technocleric Mark Zuckerberg had issued a fatwa against the infidels on his company’s index of Dangerous Individuals. The uproar broke out when alt-lite journalist Paul Joseph […]


Green Giant

July 9, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

My crypto-reader returns will a spiritual successor to the tale he shared last time. So, I was just out visiting my cop buddy in Indiana for the first time in two years, and he was […]


Dark Age Fantasy

July 8, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Every religion provides its adherents with an origin story–an explanation for who the faithful are and how their creed came to be. Nu-atheism is no exception. Some would argue that atheism isn’t a religion but […]