Love Death & Robots

April 19, 2019 Josh Young 0

I was somehow blindsided by the existence of the Netflix animated anthology show, Love, Death & Robots. I’d heard nothing about it, knew nothing about it, and basically wasn’t even aware of it until a friend […]


Star Trek Discovery: Season 0.5

December 26, 2017 Josh Young 0

It’s basically a given at this point that any entry in a long running franchise is going to generate a lot of emotional turmoil. Some of us are happy to return to a beloved universe. […]


The Fan Service Revolution

December 19, 2017 Josh Young 3

I remember the first time I ever heard the words “fan service.” I was probably in the 15-16 range, and heard, at the end of a VHS copy of Evangelion, Misato promise that there “will be […]


Review: The Orville, Episode One.

September 19, 2017 Josh Young 0

I am not a fan of Seth McFarlane. I find Family Guy about 95% annoying, 4% dumb, and about 1% funny. I can’t stand even the commercials for American Dad, so I’ve never given it a shot, except […]


Alien Game by Rod Walker

March 21, 2017 Josh Young 0

Last summer I reviewed a little book with the unassuming title of Mutiny in Space. Left to my own devices, I usually pick up books with big, grandiose titles like The Vindication of Man or […]


Josh! What is best in Sci-Fi?

March 14, 2017 Josh Young 4

There’s been a lot of lively debate the last few weeks about the relative merits of things like pulp vs no pulp, and why the devil would you ever want to drink orange juice without […]


Once More into the Breach: Genre!

March 13, 2017 Josh Young 2

We’re spilling a lot of ink— well, spraying a lot of pixels— arguing about Science Fiction lately. Is it sick? If it is, what does its salvation look like? Is science fiction is the style […]