Ben Zwycky

I’m an English ex-pat who’s been living in the Czech Republic since the beginning of 2001. I’ve been a chemical engineering research assistant, TEFL teacher and now mainly proof-read translations and scientific articles as well as forming a Czech-English translation team with my Czech wife.

I fell in love with this beautiful country during my first visit to it in 1997, and it was here that my artistic side was awoken, after learning to play with its language I finally appreciated my own native tongue and the possibilities it offered.

My journey into creative writing proper started with taking part in the role-playing section of a computer game support forum in 1999, where I learned about developing characters and their perspectives, managing multiple characters and how they interacted with each other and those outside their group, as well as what wider impact they could have on the greater fictional universe.

After my stories and contributions to other people’s stories proved popular, I accepted an invitation to a small writing forum, where I developed the ideas for my first novel and discovered to my great surprise that I had a talent for poetry.

I’m one of the founding members of SuperversiveSF, and very proud to be part of this awesome group of writers. I’ve written two novels and two poetry collections, am on the editing staff of Superversive Press and of Sci Phi Journal.

Publications Authored:

2014 Nobility Among Us: self-published

2014-2015 Beyond the Mist serialized across Sci Phi Journal Issues 2-8: Sci Phi Productions

2015 Selected Verse – Faith and Family: self-published

2016 Beyond the Mist (full novel): Sci Phi Productions

2016 “Seasons”, The Society of Classical Poets Journal 2016: Classical Poets Publishing

2016Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders: self-published

2016 “Red Dwarf’s Inquisitor and Judgement Day”, Sci Phi Journal, Q1 2016: Superversive Press

2017 “The Razor Blade of Approval”, Forbidden Thoughts: Superversive Press


Publications Edited:

2015-present: Sci Phi Journal from Issue 7 onwards

2016 The Product by Marina Fontaine: Superversive Press

2017 Forbidden Thoughts: Superversive Press

2017Doctor to Dragonsby Scott Huggins: Superversive Press

2017 A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin