Beautiful New Title for Chasing Freedom!

February 11, 2021 2

Randy risked it all for a box of strawberries. A box of strawberries for a beautiful girl, one outside his league. All he wanted was a little bit extra to purchase an almost unobtainable luxury Read More

Planetary: Saturn!

February 6, 2021 0

Saturn. The Ringed Planet. Harbinger of ideas and wonder. The planet that gave birth to the modern era of science envisioning the myriad of multi-colored rings circling the planet, one of the reasons for the Read More

Poka-Dungeon: The Future of D&D!

February 1, 2021 0

So in D&D, you go into dungeons, fight monsters, and when you do this, you miraculously go up levels, improving at all your abilities. But in current D&D, you don’t have to kill the monster, Read More

Signal Boost: A Greater Duty

January 23, 2021 0

The Galactic Alliance was not ready for war. When it is suddenly invaded by the cold and relentless Tyrannodon Armada, under the command of emotionless, amoral Executor Darkclaw, it is immediately sent reeling. The invasion Read More

Signal Boost: Abnormally Abby

January 15, 2021 0

Being a spook magnet is not as glamorous as it sounds. There’s something seriously wrong with the summer camp 14-year old Abbey is sent to. It’s not just the troubled kids, or the clueless camp Read More

Signal Boost: Storm Between the Stars

January 8, 2021 0

Niko Landry and his crew thought a routine hyperspace survey would be easy money. But when the barrier separating their homeworld from the rest of the human race opens, they seize the chance to go Read More

Signal Boost: Keep of Glass

January 1, 2021 0

A fantasy from our own Steven G. Johnson! Girls can’t be knights. Well, not in the real world, anyway. But lately—after King Arthur’s bargain with the faeries of the Other Side—the world’s become a lot Read More

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