Dynamite Thor!

Cool name!
Jon Del Arroz brings us what looks to  be like a real, smash-bang, old fashion comic:

Dynamite Thor!

Propelled by the power of explosives…

 …he must confront an ancient mystical threat!

Peter Thor is a no-bid demolition contractor helping with the reconstruction of Iraq.

He must navigate a powder-keg situation filled with terrorists, secret cabals, and ancient monsters.

Thor’s inherited the power of immunity to explosives, keeping him safe from bombs, and also giving him the uncanny ability to propel himself through the air in flight using the force of blasts!

Fans of classic superhero comics and whacky indie books will love this book!

Back Dynamite Thor today and start your EXPLOSIVE adventure!

COVER ART  by Ron Frenz (Amazing Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor) and Sanju Nivangune (Zenescope Entertainment):

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