RIP Christopher Tolkien, 1924-2020

Somehow I assumed that Christopher Tolkien was much younger, but maybe I just formed that image a long time ago. Regardless, it’s sad to hear of his passing. Outside of his father, the famed J.R.R., Christopher is probably the one most responsible for all things Middle Earth. He compiled his father’s notes and works into coherent wholes; without him, there would have been no Silmarillion, let alone any of the other works from Tolkien we’ve received since his father’s death in 1973. He’s also been a driving force in the amount of respect Tolkien’s legacy has been treated with; here’s to hoping it wasn’t just him protecting Middle Earth. I can already feel Disney circling in for the kill.

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  1. Blessed with a longer life than his father’s, Christopher is and ever shall be the greatest of Tolkien scholars. Farewell, good sir. I know nothing of Christopher’s religious leanings, but if he was even half the Christian his father was, I am sure there is joyful reunion now. Perhaps JRR is even saying, “Well done my good and faithful son.”

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