Weekend Link Roundup

Life’s been a bit crazy in the Young household these last few weeks, but I promise a return to regularity after the holidays. In the mean time, have some more interesting links.


  • Key and Peele do another hard-hitting inner city school bit: Clortho’s Public Wizarding School. Fandom has pretty much ruined Harry Potter, but its existence is worth it for this skit if nothing else.
  • I don’t reject every modern work reflexively, but even if the 2016 all-female Ghostbusters wasn’t a slap in the face (I haven’t seen it), much of the cast and crew made it pretty clear they wanted it to be. Maybe that’s why the trailer for Stranger Things with Proton Packs Ghostbusters Afterlife seems so refreshing: It looks like someone wants to continue the story, not dismantle it or where it like a skinsuit.
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