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  • Superversive’s Anthony Marchetta discusses the gauntlet thrown by The Incredibles re: capes, and My Hero Academia‘s rebuttal. MHA has been on my list to watch, but this scene probably bumps it up a few notches in the list.
  • I’ve never watched Zoids, and quite frankly, it’s never really been on my radar. But as the fan of another semi-obscure mech franchise (Robotech), I can’t help but feel some empathy for its fans. Superversive ally Caroline Furlong discusses her history with the franchise and the reasons why she loves it here. One of these days, I’m going to have to give it a poke or two.


  • The final trailer for Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker is out now. It mostly looks okay, though I’m burned enough by TLJ that I still haven’t seen Solo. And admittedly, there’s some set pieces I like enough that I desperately hope the film will be good– Kylo and Mary Sue Rey fighting on a platform amid a stormy sea, enormous fleets, and some nice Star Destroyer porn. (I really liked the whole running on top of the star destroyer’s hull bit, until I realized it wasn’t some sort of special ops breaching team but our heroes on space horses. I may just have to steal the horse-less image I had in my head for a novel.)
  • I’m not really a sartorial kind of guy. More a t-shirt and shorts guy, to my shame, but I find military uniforms fascinating. So at the very least, when a new Star Trek comes along, it’s a chance to see what they do with the uniforms. Star Trek: Picard apparently chose to update the bland DS9/Voyager style uniforms, but we’ve got a look at the admiral’s uniforms now. Looks appropriately fancy, and hits some Star Trek Online notes. Nothing quite like the glorious TOS movie uniforms, though.
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