Behind Every Good Man…

An excellent article on why it is okay to be male by author Rawle Nyanzi:

Male Fantasies Rock

A few days ago, prolific author Adam Lane Smith put up a blog post defending the much derided “male power fantasy” as a worthy form of storytelling. In the post, he argues that such fantasies encourage men and boys to overcome obstacles, stand up to bullies and abusers, and live out their principles. He explains that such stories are mocked and belittled today because those who fund entertainment want men and boys to become weak, emasculated cowards to make them easier to control.

Reading this post made me think of another aspect of male fantasy that is equally derided: the idea of a woman devoted to a man.

A tweet (thread archive) from Twitter user @SirDemiface highlights a very important aspect of boys’ manga, one that is too often overlooked:

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