Do You Love Star Trek?

New Star Trek/Not Star Trek novel from our own Jon Del Arroz!

Author Jon Del Arroz had this to say about his new book: “Trek is what got me into sci-fi. I’m going to go REALLY nerdy for a moment so bear with me — what got me hooked was the 1994 Star Trek: Customizable Card Game.

“Before you read on about Trek, I should mention I have a new book out today, The Stars Asunder. If you love the feel Star Trek used to have, this series is for you. 

I watched the tv show periodically, but the engagement with the game and playing with friends had me so hooked it was like making my own universe every time we played.

Around that time, Deep Space 9 started really taking off and my fondest memories was actually when I had the chicken pox (gross, i know!), and my mom came home and brought me a Star Trek novel.

I read it in less than a day, even at 12 years old, and reading books opened up the world for me in a way where I never looked back. It changed my life. The Trek setting just had so much depth, so much drama between characters, it was really perfect. For those curious, the book was The Captain’s Daughter by Peter David.

DS9 then really hooked me to where I wouldn’t go a week without watching the show. I needed to know what happened next in the dominion war. It devastated me when the show ended and it went off the air. Voyager didn’t quite feel the same (though I liked it) and when they launched Enterprise, it seemed like Trek went downhill from there.

I know there’s “still Star Trek” going on now, but the series they offer don’t have the right feel. These shows offer no hope for humanity, no heroism, no joy or sense of wonder, and none of the wholesome drama we had in DS9. It missed the crucial elements that made Trek GREAT.

Seeing this trend, I set out to write my own space opera world. The Aryshan War, which I’ve been working on the setting for almost 18 years now. It’s a Tolkien-esque obsession, creating this world, and it really starts to pay off in The Stars Asunder.

If you’ve read my books, you know I slow-roll everything. Book 1 paints a broad picture of the universe, then in book 2 it really drills into the world and characters. I do this intentionally so it leaves discovery throughout the series for the reader, keeping it fresh for both you and me when I’m writing.

There’s so much depth here, and the crazy battles and character drama in The Stars Asunder really does rival that of Deep Space 9. To me, this world is the new Trek, and I hope you’ll get as invested in it as I am.

What about you? What’s your favorite Trek memory? I’d love to hear from readers!

Make sure to read the book today!


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