Signal Boost — Free for a short time!

Kidnapped from his homeworld and sold into slavery, Maurin despairs of ever seeing his cousin or his home again. When he is ransomed by a mysterious woman and reunited with Aric, he joins an unlikely group committed to the downfall of the slave trade. But it isn’t long before he realizes they are being hunted–not only by the blood-lusting head of the slave trade, but by an ancient evil that wants their souls.

See Bid the God’s Arise on Amazon

4 Comments on Signal Boost — Free for a short time!

  1. Sorry, no. That’s just the hardcover, which mayn’t be orderable (My husband said Amazon is prioritising vital supplies.)

    Sorry. There doesn’t appear to be an e-book version on amazon.

  2. I have reposted the links a number of times. I can’t get them not to go through some weird Buy2 thing…but they do then settle in in Amazon.

    I have no idea why it is doing this.

  3. I think what is going on is that the website has a thing that puts an Amazon Associates code on the link…but we don’t have one right now, so its confused.

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