Off To Montana

Going out to nature to hang out in the great state of Montana.  I’ll be out hiking, fishing, shooting, things good red-blooded Americans do, so I will be completely checked out of the internet until I get back.

I aim to get some writing done, finish up some comic scripts I have lingering that I want to do, maybe a couple of short stories and then dive into my Super Secret Sword & Sorcery project, which is tentatively going to be titled The Demon’s Eye.

I might do a couple of blogs I pre-program, might not. Haven’t decided yet. But either way, I was mentioned in this great article by Hollywood in Toto, about people who are actively changing the culture. It’s nice to be recognized.

If you miss my voice too much, go buy my book Make Science Fiction Fun Again and read it and imagine I’m reading those awesome stories to you!

See you next week.

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