Star Wars Is now Disney Fanfic

YoutTuber David Stewart explains why there is no longer any reason to pay the least bit of attention to the Disney fan fiction masquerading as Star Wars

Disney Star Wars – it’s not canon guys. It’s unofficial. It’s fan fiction. View it as such, treat it as such, talk about it as such; including not treating it as anything that needs to be paid attention to or be thought of as official. And anyone that says it is official, they’re incorrect, right? Just as they’d be incorrect about Thor being a woman or anything else like that. 

Once you separate creator and creation, it’s completely unofficial. It’s a fan work. It’s something like … you go see a Dio hologram. You’re not seeing Dio, that’s obvious, but all of these things are like the Dio hologram. They’re just continuations of something which has already passed on from this earth.

Watch the full video.

Our culture will begin the long road to recovery when most people accept that their beloved childhood IPs are dead. Luckily, there is a new generation of creators hard at work on new stories. If Western civilization can trudge on for another decade or two, perhaps some of the new storytellers’ works will break out to entertain and inspire large audiences.

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