Marvel Comics Doubles Down On Crazy

It’s a law that SJWs always double down. Well, Marvel has decided to take their identity politics to the next level:

Not only is Ms. Marvel a Muslim woman… now so is CAPTAIN BRITAIN. That’s quite a bold statement about the UK… but so much more woke is done in this panel as not only is she a Dr. to signal how much smarter and more cultured and better than you she is…

She’s breaking through “A wall” and apologizing to the Americans about it. And of course, she lets them all know how she’s the religion of peace as she does her property damage.

So stunning. So brave.

We thought that CB Cebulski was toning this stuff down, but it appears Marvel has gone off the deep end again. I can’t wait for the Captain Britain movie where they also reveal she’s a transgender lesibian.

But you don’t have to read this crap anymore. There’s an alternative. If you want old school superhero fun like you used to have from Marvel and DC before they got woke, read Flying Sparks. It’s available through Backerkit. Volume 2 will be shipping in July. You can also get volume 1. Buy it now and support indie comics making a difference.

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