I’m So Excited!

If you’re a fan of Urban Fantasy, you should be too.


Bokerah Brumley has a kickstarter up for her new series being published by Silver Empire Press. The series has angels and faeries and shifters and hidden realms. (And take a look at those sweet covers.)

Check out this blurb for book 1 – Woe For A Faerie

Vengeance always has consequences.     

Woe is a fallen angel, sentenced to mortality for an unforgivable violation of angelic code. Cast down to the streets of New Haven, she is rescued by Fae prince Arún, who delivers her into the care of Jason, a local balance keeper.    

As the dark and brooding Jason coaches Woe on the intricacies of being human, she discovers a rush of new and exhilarating feelings that are difficult to ignore, compounded by the always timely arrival of her Fae hero-savior.   

Jason comes face-to-face with his humanity, torn between his desire for Woe and his vows to keep New Haven safe.     

Arún finds himself drawn to Woe and to the destiny he does not want, further testing his loyalty to the kingdom of his birth.   

As an unseen enemy circles ever closer, Woe is forced to choose between them, and the fate of worlds hangs in the balance.     

Join the Keepers of New Haven as they fight to maintain the balance between good and evil in a paranormal world where nothing is as it seems. 

The Kickstarter offers several options to get ebook and/or print copies of the first 3 books:

Book 1: Woe for a Faerie

Fallen Angel Woe finds herself on the streets of New Haven, caught up in romantic feelings with the human Jason and her Fae savior Arún as an unseen enemy circles them.

Book 2: Leviathan’s Rise

When whale-shifter Lev needs help, of course he turns to Woe.  Together, they catch the first paranormal train out of New Haven City and find themselves inside a hidden realm fraught with dangers beyond anything either of them has faced. 

Book 3: Victory’s Kiss

Plain Jane has a price on her head. Her only hope for survival is joining the priest’s mysterious band of misfits.  When those plans fail, Jane does the most logical thing: she captures her would-be hitman and drags him to a Bed & Breakfast for the weekend. 

I’ll be backing this. Will you?


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