My Mythic Orbit

Another in the Mythic Orbit Blog Tour posts:

By, C.O. Bonham

My writing career has been a rocky one. But the release of Mythic Orbits Vol. 2 marks a change. Not only is this the first published work under my new pen name, this is also my first paying submission.

My entire career, I could count on one thing to be true. If the market paid I would be rejected.(Including my submission to the first Mythic Orbits anthology.) If the market wasn’t paying I would be accepted. The message was obvious. I was good enough to be published. Just not good enough to be paid. I was becoming very depressed.

The weird thing is, I had multiple people recommend I use a pen name. I rebelled every time. “No, I like my name. I want to see my name in print. If I use a different name people won’t know it’s me.” The list goes on actually.

Well the short story is that one of my non-paying submissions spelled my name wrong. I was devastated. I double checked everything I had submitted. Not my fault. Why would you change the spelling on someone’s name? What level of arrogance do you need to assume that someone would spell their own name wrong?

About that time Travis was asking for submissions for Mythic Orbits two. I was already really low and was sure I wouldn’t get accepted since it was a paying market. I also knew Travis and was sure he wouldn’t spell my name wrong. But something said to change my name anyway. It may have been God, It may have been my own conviction that the story as well as the pen name would never see print.

Anyway life is surprising. I am positive that the pen name had no part in Travis’s decision to publish “Recalled from the Red Planet.” I am also pretty sure that he would not have spelled my name wrong.

What was it? Was my entire career just waiting for me to cave and use a pen name. Was it really that important that the world know me as C.O. Bonham and not Cathrine Opal? I may never know, but as a result of these events, I am now professionally published.



C.O. Bonham is the pen name for a commonly misspelled first name. When she isn’t writing stories of her own she is busy reading stories by others. She loves stories of all sorts but really likes the ones that are weird, or outside the norm. A home school graduate with a degree in creative writing, her goal is to create stories that make people think, feel, and have fun.