Character Data: Sekaino Megami

Time for a new twist on the Combat Frame data posts I’ve been making in the run up to XSeed’s launch. Now that Ashion 101, the third artist in my international team of publishing experts, has furnished the series’ inaugural character drawing, it’s my pleasure to present the first Combat Frame XSeed character profile: Sekaino Megami.

Sekaino Megami

Coalition Security Director Sanzen Kaimora is seldom seen without his young assistant. Though just fourteen, Megami is often entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the Director’s office. She remains quiet and deferential in public to the point of going unnoticed, but in conversation she displays a precocious depth of knowledge to rival her mentor’s military history expertise.

Most Coalition officials discount Megami’s role as a conspicuous display of personal clout on Sanzen’s part. SOC Governor Prem Naryal mockingly calls her Sanzen’s “intern”. Based on appearances, Megami may be nothing more than Sanzen’s status symbol. Yet merely locking eyes with her cowed violent mental patient Zane Dellister.

Backer Update: All perks are currently on schedule for fulfillment. Each item will be shipped as soon as it’s ready. Progress continues on the Build-a-Mech CF. Keep an eye on this blog for its imminent unveiling!

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