Worldcon Is Failing While The SJWs Sit And Laugh About It

The SJWs on File 770 gleefully cheered about how the Hugo voting this year was up…. compared to 2013, which is when the award voting was at a drastic low. They’re declaring victory in a year where it’s still fresh in people’s minds exactly what the hugo is, mainly because of the free publicity it was given by Larry Correia, Brad Torgersen, Sarah Hoyt, and Vox Day. The fact that it’s up from this point is almost entirely due to them, as the award voting was on a downward trajectory before they got involved.

And the odd part is, that’s why they got involved. They saw an increasingly small insular group getting together to give the award based on politics rather than merit, and they decided to do something about it. Their efforts paid off in terms of getting fans to tune in.

Graph courtesy of File 770:

2014 marked the first year Mr. Correia started getting involved in his slate, and there was a huge increase because of it. 2015 was the year when everything really took off and we see the memberships shot through the roof. 2017 marked the last push as the award nomination process changed and we’re seeing the trends back downward because every moderate and conservative fan is tuning back out.

We’ll see the numbers drop back to 2012-2013 levels I believe by 2022, as the award loses its appeal and meaning since they’re just giving it to the same people every year.

It’s interesting to watch the victory declared, however, when their actions turned off a large portion of the audience from caring. It’ll be interesting to see the dragon award voting numbers come out. I imagine it’ll be at least five times what we’re seeing here. The Dragons reflect what readers want these days.

And readers want airships! That’s what mine told me at least. Make sure to pick up For Steam And Country and The Blood of Giants in preparation for the final book in the trilogy, coming out in just a couple of weeks!

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