Are Magic School’s Real?

Some people think they are…

Here is a site that claims we have twelve of them on earth–not sure any of these are the decent kind.

Hogwarts in Poland!


Top 12 Magic Schools on Earth

The Gray School claims to go all the way back to Plato and his crew in their search for arcane knowledge….not sure if this is magic or philosophy.

The Gray School

Want something more new agey with a Celtic flavor?

Faehollows School of Magic

Wish you could go to Hogwarts? Someone is trying to reproduce it. Even has a video:

Boswell School of Witchcraft in England

Even has a video

Hogwarts in Poland? This one looks like it might be the most fun. It’s a live action Hogwarts roleplaying game in a real castle!

Polish College of Wizardry


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