Combat Frame Data: CF-05

CF-05 Grenzmark C


Technical Data

Model number: CF-05
Code name: Grenzmark C
Nickname: Grenzie
Classification: mass production general use combat frame
Manufacturer: Seed Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY -5
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 17.5 meters
Weight: dry weight 48.2 metric tons, full weight 65.7 metric tons
Armor type: carbon nanotube-infused ceramic/steel composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 756 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 40,600 kg total thrust, 180° turn time 1.75 seconds; legs: top ground speed 190 kph
Sensors: Seed Corporation Halo radar/optical target acquisition and identification system mounted under grilled radome “head”
Fixed armaments: none
Hand armaments: 110mm machine gun, 40 rounds per magazine;  heat axe, battery-powered, stored on skirt armor rack

General Notes

In response to rising tensions on earth, Coalition Security Corps Director Sanzen Kaimora contracted with Seed Corp to supply the CSC with combat frames based on maverick inventor Tesla Browning’s prototype. The CF-02 Grenzmark I proved highly effective in combating dissidents. However, the CFs’ presence heightened grounder hostility and drastically raised the number of attacks on SOC installations.

Sanzen quickly determined that an increase in combat frame quality and numbers was needed. He commissioned Seed Corp to produce a more advanced successor to the Grenzmark I and stipulated a six-month deadline. Browning drew up the basic design for the CF-06 Grenzmark II in a matter of weeks, but Seed Corp engineers realized they lacked the facilities and resources to roll out a mass-production model within the required time frame.

While work commenced in Chicago on a new factory for the Grenzmark II, Seed Corp assigned a team to create a stopgap solution that would temporarily satisfy the Coalition’s needs. Their short time frame and limited resources led the team to focus on making incremental improvements to the Grenzmark I instead of designing a new CF from scratch. Three prototypes, designated Grenzmarks A, B, and C, were produced. The Grenzmark C was chosen as the CSC’s new front line unit after speedy field trials and was summarily rushed into production.

The results surpassed both the Coalition’s and Seed Corp’s expectations. Pilots immediately took to the Grenzie’s straightforward cockpit layout, easy-to-use operating system, and responsive controls. The Halo sensor suite–an innovation planned for the Grenzmark II and tested on the Grenzmark C–was an instant game-changer, and the Grenzie’s improved thrusters and generator gave it noticeably superior combat performance compared to the Grenzmark I. The Grenzie’s retention of its predecessor’s 110mm machine gun and heat axe greatly eased CSC pilots’ transition to the updated model, while techs required little additional training to be rated on the new CF.

The Grenzmark C achieved such lasting popularity that many CSC units kept using the Grenzie for years after the Grenzmark II rolled out. As late as CY 1,Director Sanzen himself maintained Grenzmark C teams to patrol the woods surrounding his private Byzantium colony compound.

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