I Am Back To Work…Sigh

The wedding went great. I’m officially Mrs. Grimes, but I’m keeping Witzke for all of my writing because it’s too much of a pain to change it.

…the traveling on the other hand didn’t go quite as planned.

Someone needs to invent a working transporter because being in a car for hours sucks.

And construction detours double suck. Especially when they take you an hour out of your way.

I missed the panel I was supposed to be on, but the rest of Liberty Con went okay.

I got to hangout with friends I rarely get to see offline. Plus, there’s the bonus of seeing scenery that doesn’t include cornfields and soybean fields.

Next year will be better.

Yes, we got tickets.

We were traveling on Wednesday when tickets for 2019 went on sale. Thankfully I didn’t wait until we got home to try to get tickets because they were sold out in six hours. Totally crazy.

So now I am playing catch up. Unsurprisingly, some things that I had planned to get done before I left didn’t get done.

After attending an indie panel at Liberty Con, I decided to make some change ups to my writing schedule as well as the projects I’ll be working on. More on that later.






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