Signal Boost: Traits of Darkness

Gems of Paradise: Book One


He will never betray his family.

A cunning dragon shifter. A dangerous prince. And the King? He shouldn’t be alive.

Tension bubbles in Norteras. The last of the gold dragons has sought refuge here; he found only more war. The freedom and safety he found was an illusion. Borg must fight to protect, and save, his family.

The orders have united. Everyone is hunting the dragon, hoping to make him a pawn in their dangerous games. Some want to use him to overcome tyranny. The king needs Borg dead to save himself and his throne.

When a dragon hunter arrives at Castle Lorite, he heals the king. But, there is a catch. King Dorkund must help find, and destroy, this humble, loving shifter living in exile amongst the miners in the mountains. The king, however, uses his recovered strength to launch a brutal purge. His wife and son have murdered all those close to him. What else could the monarch do?

Why would you feel when everyone around you is dying?

Should Borg follow his heart or his mind? Should he flee his new home?

He might not get a choice.

If you love epic fantasy, you’ll be riveted by the Gems of Paradise series because of the constant tension and arousing passion. Scroll up and one-click now!

Due to thematic elements, this is recommended for mature epic fantasy and YA+ audiences.

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