Easter Red Headed Reading: “Pales Realms of Shade” Finale

Easter Red Headed Reading:

Final installment of Red Headed Reading: “Pale Realms of Shade”. Will Matt find redemption, will he be caught a ghost forever…or much, much worse?

As we said before, thank you tae Mr. Wright, and please, if you like this reading or any of his works that we’ve read in the past, support his work by buying “Book of Feasts and Seasons” on Amazon, and look into his other stories. Thank you kindly!


*Note on the blue tone. When filming you’re supposed to balance the colour of light you use so that your colours take on their proper hues. I’m not that good at it, but I think I reckon I utterly forgot tae set that in this finale. My bad. No excuse. I’ll do better.

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