Putting the PITA in Your Pocket

Hugo winner David Gerrold may have presided over the ceremony that forever beclowned the same award, but unlike the CHORFs, we’re not binary thinkers compelled to insulate our amygdalae in the genetic fallacy. But truth is truth, and even Caiaphas prophesied unknowing.

This 1999 magazine clipping, for example, chronicles Gerrold making some undeniably prophetic utterances.

Gerrold predictions

#PulpRev guru Jeffro Johnson’s comment from G+:

He missed the most important bit: how peoples’ social skills would atrophy en masse with the advent of these crummy boxes. It’s like living in an Isaac Asimov story.

My comment:

He also missed how the universal proliferation of smartphones would create a whole generation of hunchbacks.

Amish iPhone
Not even the Amish are safe.

I read somewhere that smartphones have surpassed Kindles a readers’ eBook platform of choice. If you’re among the SFF fans who’ve taken to perusing your favorite fiction on your phone, you may as well load it up with fun stories that won’t insult you–unlike the globo-commie agitprop peddled by Gerrold and his ilk.

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