March’s Publishing Parade

Superversive Press


The Aryshan Empire and Earth are on the brink of war!
Mars, the red planet and our closest neighbor. It has haunted our imaginations for centuries, inspiring tales of heroic deeds and courage.

Castalia House


All war is murder for profit. Some people are just more open about it.
In 1920s Chicago, the criminal underworld is more than vice, racketeering, and bootlegging.
THE UNWITHERING REALM is a massive tale of a greater and darker evil with longer reach than anything Man can imagine, of despair without bounds, of pain beyond measure, and of the faith required to surmount all three.
HUNGRY HEARTS is the second issue in the RIGHT HO, JEEVES series, which tells of the travails of the inimitable Bertie Wooster, who is summoned from the comforts of #3A Berkley Mansions, London to Brinkley Manor by his imperious Aunt Dahlia.

Silver Empire


Guns, Bombs, and Property Damage!
Guns, Bombs, and Property Damage!
Dean Floden is dead! Winter break is normally a peaceful time at the university, especially during a blizzard. So it shocked everyone when they found the dean murdered at his desk.

Sing Song Press


In this exciting collection of noblebright fantasy, fresh new fantasy voices and award-winning authors explore grief and hope, sacrifice and heroism.

Clean Reads Press


Twelve-year-old Imani Chausiku should be celebrating the most important day of her life by eating merfruit, casting flying spells, and laughing with her mother. There’s just one massive problem.



Eleven Tales of Magical, Mysterious, Mythical Doorways!
The complete Torchship series in a single volume! The Trilogy is a Finalist for the 2018 Prometheus Award for best libertarian SF novel
A New Orleans hurricane takes the life of artist Audrey Bliss’s husband, swallows any trace of their four year-old son, and dramatically changes Audrey when she suffers a head wound.
Two groups come together to mount an expedition to the Baikonur Cosmodrome to find the history of one of struggle to keep things intact for future generations.
Zack, Zack Goldman, pleased to meet you. I'm a runner. I know you don't know what that is. It's better if I just show you.
U.S. Marshal. David Crockett Hall and Texas Ranger, John Barclay Armstrong have set out chasing men, each for their own reasons.
Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, a monstrous evil rises, and the only one who can stand against it is a teen-aged witch who doesn’t believe in magic.
“Murder most foul, And evil in the air. Seek the Red Dwarf, Only brave may dare."
Thirty-sixth book in the Wine of the Gods Universe
Thousands have checked into the Infinity Hotel over the years. None of them have ever checked out.