Planetary continues rolling out! Mars Launched!

The third instalment of the Planetary Series, Planetary: Mars has launched, edited by Jon Del Arroz and contains stories by authors including Chuck Dixon and Kevin J. Anderson.

Mars, the red planet and our closest neighbor. It has haunted our imaginations for centuries, inspiring tales of heroic deeds and courage. . Mars is also the god of war and the father of fear and panic. Here are 18 tales of war and adventure set in and around the red planet. Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.

  • The Martian Princess by Jay Barnson
  • The Decision by Sean Patrick Hazlett
  • To Open the Gate by Avily Jerome
  • S-T-Valdis by K.M. Carroll
  • Invaders on Mars by Jon Mollison
  • Rebirth by Julie Frost
  • Hostile Takeover by Kai Wai Cheah
  • Beware The Dawn by Dawn Witzke
  • The Clockwork King of Mars by C.T Phipps
  • City of the Sleepers by A.M. Freeman
  • Abandoned Children by Dana Bell
  • Death March of Cambreadth by Declan Finn
  • The Girl Who Died Twice by Lou Antonelli
  • Coughing Fit by Benjamin Wheeler
  • Ares In The Morning by Bokerah Brumley
  • The Rusted Fortress by David Hallquist
  • Bellicus by Chuck Dixon
  • The Human, Martian – One, Two, Three by Kevin J. Anderson

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