Insurrection: The War Against the Judges, a Review

Am I the only one who enjoys comics? I grew up on Judge Dredd comics and have always enjoyed the black humour of Judge Dredd and the world of Mega City One.

The story that takes place in Insurrection, in two parts, by Dan Abnett is set many years later on a colony world of Mega City One that has recently fended off an alien invasion. As the story opens Judge Marshall Luther has won the battle against the alien invaders, but only by giving Robots, uplifted Gorillas and mutants full rights as citizens. This has not gone over well with Mega City One and he has been ordered to demote them back to second class status. Luther’s rejection of this order leads to a heavily armed fleet of SJS troopers from Mega City One to remove Luther and restore the rule of Mega City One law to the colonies.

It is an interesting tail of Liberty in the face of Tyranny and the struggle for freedom in the face of an oppressive government that is asking Luther to betray his allies and friends and instead serve his distant masters from Earth. Luther will have none of this and the two volumes of Insurrection tell the story of his struggle against the jackbooted SJS. It is an amazing tale with a dark but inspiring ending and it is well worth the read. I can’t recommend it highly enough.