Will Lou Antonelli get an apology after SPJ Airplay Bomb threat?

So, i’m sure a number of people have noticed that SPJ Airplay was evacuated after numerous bomb threats that has derailed the #GamerGate discussion at the event. This follows on from a Bomb threat that evacuated a #Gamergate meetup earlier this year.

So what I want to know is, When is Lou Antonelli going to get an apology for his obviously reasonable concerns about Worldcon that he mentioned to the Spokane police? How often have we witnessed the PuppyKickers get hysterical and say that Sad Puppies and #Gamergate are related? It seems to have been a constant drum beat, so it is reasonable to conclude that anti-#GG folks are and PuppyKickers are similar groups when they don’t actually overlap in membership.

It seems Lou’s concerns about someone in the PuppyKicker camp doing something stupid at WorldCon are hardly unreasonable given someone in the anti-#GG camp has done something stupid at SPJAirplay.

When will Lou get his apology?

  • robmatic

    The bomb threats relating to the SPJ Airplay event were made by 8chan trolls.

    Don’t let any facts get in the way of the hysterical frothing though.

    • sciphi

      Do you have any evidence for this claim Rob? Point to a police investigation or something? Or is it just an assertion?

      • robmatic

        SwatAnon from 8chan claimed responsibility.

        Perhaps you could point to the police investigation which determined it was carried out by ‘anti-GG’?

        • Anthony M

          I’ll jump in.

          This is actually true. SwatAnon did indeed claim responsibility. May not be telling the truth, but he has a bad history.

          That said, Jason’s point is still perfectly sound regardless.

          • robmatic

            Jason’s point that Lou deserves an apology from people who criticised his actions because notorious trolls also attempt to get the police involved in public events? That’s perfectly sound?

          • Anthony M

            No, because bomb threats really do occur and suspicions should be reported to the police.