Lab Grown Human…

Well we have two interesting, interconnected stories, both fromn C-Net:

First we have lab grown Human Muscle
Second we have an entire rat limb, also lab grown

Does anyone believe we do not have a lab-grown human?

Lab grown Human Muscle

Rat Arm
Researchers have grown a rat limb with functioning muscles and veins.
Bernhard Jank, MD, Ott Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Regenerative Medicine

  • Foxfier

    Depending on how you define “lab grown,” the first human is older than I am. (Louise Brown, first record IVF birth)

    How much of the development would have to occur in vitro before the human would be “lab grown”? The scifi angle in me suggests to the point of birth, but that’s partly because it’s simple.

  • ksterlingh

    Yeah I like this kind of stuff, and it’s definitely mixed into the scifi I write (a section of my writing is biopunk). But if you think muscle is something… we’ve been making brain cells for years and mini-brains since about 2013… check it out: