A Vote for No Award is a vote that Vox is right

It seems those who continue to have a hissy fit over the Hugo awards have painted themselves into an odd corner. All these calls for NO AWARD because the “Hugos have been gamed” or that the “Hugos are our award” and all the rest of the drivel leave them in an problematic position. Many of them are already on record as saying, essentially, “I don’t care about the quality of the books I am voting NO AWARD on principle!”, so it is reasonable to assume many of the NO AWARD votes will be cast out of spite and not because they read the books and didn’t like them. It is too late to protest otherwise, louder voices have already said that “principle” demands they vote NO AWARD. Any cries to the contrary can reasonably be dismissed as lies because if the Sad Puppies hit pieces are anything to go by, telling bald faced and obvious lies is second nature to the “NO AWARD” crowd.

I wonder if they realize that this is probably to some degree, exactly what Vox wants to see happen. That voting NO AWARD, after everything that has been said, will vindicate perfectly the narrative he has promulgated that says “The only care about being gate keepers and they hate those who dare to threaten their power”. It will vindicate Larry and Brad as well, and vindicate everything Sad and Rabid puppies has been about.

Some people have even suggested the Hugos be canceled this year over everything that has happened. I have it on good advice that this is a very unlikely outcome and it would be legally a breach of contract and problematic but that has never stopped some people from being stupid. So i’d like to state for the record, if they Hugos are canceled I will want my $40 voting membership back and would regard it as an act of fraud by the Worldcon group to do such a thing. I doubt I would be alone in this either and I do have it on good legal advice that this would likely be grounds for a class action law suit to recover the money.

I can also see some childish idiots, if any of the Sad or Rabid puppies win an award, booing as it is handed out. This would also vindicate Vox and be seen as evidence he was right as well.

So to the SJW I say, do what ever you like, show the world that Vox is right, show everybody that everything that has been said about SF being infested with a collection of SJW thugs bent on control and the crushing of dissenting ideas is true, that they only want skin deep diversity. Show the world that the SJW cares nothing for science fiction and that it is all about a lunatic ideology. Show everybody who is on the fence that the reasonable and sane voices in the argument are Larry and Brad and that the petty thuggish children are his opponents. Show everybody that Vox may be an “extremist” but he isn’t nearly as extreme as those with a lust for power that will burn the Hugos to the ground if they can’t have their way.

So vote NO AWARD, demand the Hugos be canceled and the voting rules changed, Boo the awards. You will hear the echos of laughter from Vox’s dark mountain death fortress as he sits atop his throne of stuffed endangered species sipping the blood of an infant from the skull of its twin, or so I assume is the case based on the way the SJW’s characterize him.

Or, you know, just read the stories and pick the best one like an adult.