About the Starship Size Comparison Chart – and my website, Let’s Play Homeworld Remastered!

Hi! I’m the guy that made the Starship Size Comparison chart into an interactive web page. You mentioned it on your site, and I tracked it back here with my Analytics software. Lo and behind you, too, are an avid sci-fi enthusiast. Allow me to count the ways:

Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama series
Stephen Baxter’s Xeelee Sequence
Larry Niven’s Ringworld/Known Space series (and yes, Man Kzin Wars, too)
All of Dune. And I mean ALL of it.
David Weber’s Honorverse series
Dan Simmonds Hyperion Cantos series
Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (did you have to ask?)

And TONS of others by Baxter, Clarke, Rice, King, Koontz and Niven.

Why am I telling you this? Because:

1. Rare item to find a sci-fi goer with the inclination to syndicate and publish material in the same vein which I enjoy and in a medium at which I excel: The Interwebs.
2. I want to syndicate some of your material on my let’s Play Homeworld Remastered site.
3. I would like you to syndicate some of my material on your website.

I would be happy to trade analytics data with you, although that isn’t a prerequisite. Also, I am a programmer and I specialize in WordPress, so I’d be willing to share pointers with you.

Interested? Feel free to hit me back at [email protected], or submit a message on letsplayhomeworldremastered.com. Also see my personal site, TheDesigner904.com. Hope to hear from you soon!