Book Bomb! Sad Puppies Short Fiction

The International Lord of Hate, President of the Monster Hunter Nation, Field Marshal of the Evil Legion of Evil, His Holiness Pope Laurentius of GamerGate, aka Larry Correia, the Mountain that Writes, has decreed a Book Bomb to increase readership of novelettes and short stories on the Sad Puppies slate.

Superversive SF proudly notes that this Book Bomb features “On a Spiritual Plain” by Lou Antonelli, published in Sci Phi Journal #2.

Plus, check out “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium” by Gray Rinehart, brought to you by Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. You can also buy his album.

Then give “Goodnight Stars” by Annie Bellet a read.

And “Totaled” by Kary English

The last, but not the least, Hugo-eligible tale is “A Single Samurai” by Steve Diamond from The Baen Big Book of Monsters

There’s more! Including this short story anthology by Mike Flynn (which, though not on the SP3 slate, comes highly recommended.)

Also recommended, though not on the Hugo slate, is “A Time Foreclosed” by Edward M. Lerner.

Bonus free story: “Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer” by Megan Grey

That’s what I call an epic Book Bomb! Let’s do what Sad Puppies already did for the novella category and make this the most-read short fiction slate.

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