SJW Approved Non-Fiction

While we are on the topic of K.T and her SJW approved list of writers, I thought it might be worth mentioning some non-fiction writers that are in and out as well.

In –

Out –

  • Noam Chomsky – Cis Het White Male
  • Howard Zinn – Dead Cis Het White Male (Perfect Score of Evil!)

Tom Simon also recommended Abyss & Apex Magazine as edited by a differently-abled womyn Wendy S. Delmater and i’d recommend my own Sci Phi Journal because, I could stand to lose a few pounds and you fat shaming oppressors get me right in the feelz!

I would really highly recommend both Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams as excellent commentators and public intellectuals and I can honestly say that I have never not enjoyed anything I have read by them.

  • Tom Simon

    Yes, indeed. In fact, though I am not a man much given to hero-worship, Dr. Sowell is a particular hero of mine.