Sad Puppies gets some big media attention

It seems has noticed the Sad Puppies campaign. I suppose it isn’t surprising as Milo Yiannopolos has been following #GamerGate for quite some time now and Sad Puppies is to Science Fiction what the essence of #GamerGate is to video games. It is good to see pushback against the scourge of the SJW.

Few walks of life are today immune to the spectre of political intolerance. At universities, speaker disinvitations and censorship campaigns are at an all-time high. In technology, there are purges of chief executives with the wrong political views and executives who make the wrong sort of joke. In the world of video games, petitions are launched against “offensive” titles, and progressive journalists wage smear campaigns against conservative developers.

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  • An update to the Sad Puppies saga: I’ve asked to have my name pulled from the list, and it has been. I didn’t want to be associated with some of the people behind the list, especially since some people were assuming all the writers nominated shared the same racist, anti-diversity attitudes.

    Brad Torgersen took me off the Sad Puppy list. I have no problem with him personally, we just disagree on some political matters. But I also asked the vile Vox Day to take me off his separate Rabid Puppy list, and he said he would do so.

    • sciphi

      Would you like me to make an announcement to that effect?