Time travel stories — really?

I want to first mention that I love time dilation stories utilizing Einsteinian / Einsteinium space and “C” values *Note the spell checker insists that’s the right spelling — if not [I apologize Albert}  I wrote such a time dilation story recently and it is out making the rounds.  I personally think it’s great.

AND  I love HG wells time machine, but that is really about distopian / utopian future — time travel is a tool.  In every sense of the word.


I also believe that time travel stories are for the most part excuses to call a romance, mystery, police procedural ETC ETC an SF or Spec Fic piece.

Again — there are many exceptions and there bare good Hard SF, and Spec Fic, multi dimensional and other time travel stories.  A friend is working on a deep and bizarre SF story based on multi-dimensions and it is forming up great.

But for the most part time travel is a tool used to bring an otherwise mediocre story into the Spec Fic market.  And most are exceptionally mediocre.  And I will further note, from anecdotal personal experience, that the writers of such works consider themselves much more “literary” than we foolish SF Spec Fic writers.