Kate Paulk thinks the SJW’s jumped the shark!

Kate Paulk writing over a According to Hoyt (maybe we can convince her to post here!) has an interesting theory that SJW’s attempts to pick on the metal heads indicates that they have finally jumped the shark and have now descended into an unrecoverable death spiral. Lets hope she is right!

[N]ot for us. For the SJW crowd. Yes, there will be a lot of really ugly shouting, and some of the people who are incorrectly labeled vertebrates will probably buy into the screaming and hand the SJWs whatever equipment they possess.

How do I know this? It’s called MetalGate. Yeah. Having discovered that hard-core gamers aren’t going to rollover for them, the SJWs have decided to go after metal music. I mean, seriously? This show is going to need several truckloads of jiffy-pop and a huge-ass volcano and that’s just the prelude.

Then of course there’s the level of delusion that can claim heavy metal is a “hotbed of deeply rooted conservatism”. Apparently conservatism has been redefined again, because the last time I looked mosh pits were emphatically not in the definition. Although I will admit to a certain amount of amusement at the prospect of anti-SJW coalition meetings where every stereotype of every group the SJWs have gone after try to communicate (and try not to look at each other with horror).

This reads to me as the desperate ploy of a group that’s losing its marbles and trying desperately to pretend that reality is with it.

They’re losing the plot everywhere. In Europe, nationalist groups are gaining strength, voice, and power. Thanks to the fears of the European governments, it’s difficult to tell if those movements are sensible or not – the laws against “hate speech” also prevent open discussion of the problems that come with long-term non-citizen residents who refuse to integrate into the society (and worse, refuse to allow their children to do so), the policies creating a permanent guest worker underclass, and the problems that arise when a sufficiently large percentage of said underclass follows an ideology that includes unreasoning hatred of anything civilized.

That mess was created by the SJW and their ilk refusing to acknowledge that some cultures are flat out barbaric. They may be barbaric because they’re stuck in the kind of environment where nothing else survives, or they may just be captured by the kind of megalomaniac that enjoys that (or a mix of both – my personal vote), but that doesn’t change what they are. Any person raised in those cultures is going to grow up a barbarian regardless of skin color.

Then of course, there’s the Intertubes, where, deeply concealed in the pictures of cute cats, the lolspeak messages point to such gems as Linux Journal’s thoughtful piece about the influence of parents and family on what people choose to do with their lives, from the perspective of a woman who happens to be one of the top coders. I rather suspect her story matches up with a lot of us Odds, particularly the part where we get recognized not as “a woman [insert profession]” but a “damn good [insert profession]”. Which is the way it should be. The last time I looked there were very few professions that required the use of a vagina or a penis, and most of those are illegal in a lot of places (which is a separate argument I refuse to start here). Note that the comments overwhelmingly support the author and every SJW argument attempted got shut down by commenters very quickly. This tends to happen a lot in communities where people don’t care if you’ve got an innie or an outie as long as the quality of your work is up to scratch.

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