I’m currently watching Star Trek Enterprise

What are you watching? I’ve started watching my way through Star Trek: Enterprise again and i’m really enjoying it, getting near the end of season 1.

I always thought season 1 wasn’t much good but i’m really enjoying it. Like most first seasons of Star Trek it is a little slow in places but overall it is engaging and entertaining. From the launch of the NX-1 Enterprise in Broken Bow and as we watch the temporal cold war get hinted at and unfold, the series just keeps drawing me in.

Do you have a favourite Star Trek series? What TV series do you like to watch through every so often?

  • Josh Young

    My favorite Star Trek is pretty much the TOS movies, sans Final Frontier. The Search for Spock’s admittedly a little weak, but I love the 2-3-4 trilogy, particularly The Wrath of Khan. Most of the rest of Star Trek is too hit or miss for me and I loathe the 24th century– even DS9, which I actually rather like, is tainted with the stench of the 24th century’s seraphic hippies.

    I’m a B5 guy. I’ve watched the whole series (Shame they never got a fifth season 😉 ) through several times. If we extend this to anime, Rah Xephon has gotten at least six complete watches from me. (It’s like Gene Wolfe writing a giant robot story!)

    • sciphi

      You don’t think Final Frontier is the best of the lot?

      You’ve never seen it with the Rifftrax 😉