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  • Flying Sparks Volume 1 is eligible for best graphic novel. Please vote for it! Powered by WPeMatico
  • Kevin Murphy, who voiced MST3K’s Tom Servo, in his book A Year At The Movies, recalls deciding to go see the movie Pootie Tang, and encountering a pair of young men arguing about whether to go see [...]
  • If you didn’t already see it when I have been systematically de-personed by the science fiction publishing establishment who blacklists me from conventions, organizations, and anything else because I dare to have opinions that are [...]
  • Even Jesuits are starting to realize there’s no political solution to America’s problems. House Chaplain Pat Conroy has done what somebody should have a long time ago and performed an exorcism on the US House [...]
  • It was announced yesterday that Alan Moore will be retiring from writing comics. I haven’t read a new comic of his since Prometheus, Tom Strong and Top 10, which were frankly the best works of [...]
  • The Alabama Gambit

    July 18, 2019 0
    Taking the temperature of the room, most people seem burned out with politics these days. It’s probably because if the Trump presidency has accomplished one thing, it’s to convince most people that there is no [...]

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