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  • James Pyles attended the first ever Superversive writing course, The Art and Craft of Writing. Since then, he has had short stories appear in several anthologies! He is our shooting star Guinea Pig! Here, we [...]
  • Stephanie Sounders is taking a look at Marvel’s Main Man. Here we have the first of her articles:     I Love Iron Man 3000 (Spoilers) As I tweeted a few days ago, I now [...]
  • Another anthology with a story by one of Superversive’s own Guinea pigs–James Pyles from the first The Art and Craft of Writing class. Einstein said: “I do not know with what weapons World War III [...]
  • Rather than Spamming Superversive SF with Quadrice weekly posts about videos I’m doing, I’m just going to make this every twice or so monthly. Reviews: Galaxy’s Edge: Retribution Phantastes Review Part 1 Phantastes [...]
  • Recently, there was a quote going around about how late night shows no longer contained comedy, because comedians can’t get away with mocking anything anymore. Instead, they make political comments that agree with their audience’s [...]
  • About to go live for Mother’s day and other matters when I’m done talking about my favorite mothers in literature.

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  • From left to right, Lyndon Bray, Elizabeth Popowich, Ben Redant (The Pianist), Hannah Dove, Nathan Sgrazzutti, Geneva Sirett, David Hopkinson, Lise Moore, Carolyn Speirs, Miranda Sheepwash. Missing: Ilana van der Merwe. At the end of [...]
  • Li’l Ben Shapiro may be trying to get us into a middle east war, but he should really just be joining the Gucci Gang. Spy Training is now off to the publisher, which means you [...]
  • Bad guys don’t need to wear black. But then again, black can be awesome. So, what do Moriarty, Modred, and Sauron have in common? Easy, they’re all bad guys. What else to they have in common? While [...]
  • There’s been a very frightening story going around the internet, but not for the reasons the Fake News media would have you believe. The media is going after youtuber Soph for “hate speech”. Of course [...]
  • Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony unmasks Enlightenment thought as a political philosophy by and for unmarried, childless individuals who pedestalize consent as the sole criterion of the good. These simple, obvious truths will be suppressed [...]
  • Any questions? War is a nasty thing, and not as fun as the meme makes it look! It gets really dark in The Fight For Rislandia as the war heats up for my characters in [...]

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